Data science Expected Learning Outcomes

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Graduates of the Bachelor degree program in Data Science must meet the following
requirements (LO - Learning Outcome):

● LO 1: Have fundamental knowledge of science and social science.
● LO 2: Have fundamental and advanced knowledge of Data Science (be able to
use statistical programming languages, data analysis tools, etc)
● LO 3: Be capable of reasoning, analyzing, forecasting, senior statistics and
solving problems related to Data Science.
● LO 4: Have skills in scientific research and knowledge discovery (document
survey, analysis, evaluation).
● LO 5: Have a systematic mindset and be able to design components or entire
systems that collect and analyze data.
● LO 6: Have personal and professional skills, understand the ethical values, and
lifelong learning abilities.
● LO 7: Have teamwork skills with professional manners.
● LO 8: Have communication skills.
● LO 9: Be able to use foreign languages in specialized field.
● LO 10: Understand social needs, the impact of big data mining technologies in
the context of industrial revolution 4.0. Be able to form ideas, analyze, design,
and apply statistical tools and apply Data Science applications into practice to
meet social needs, solve economic problems, and improve competitiveness,
development, entrepreneurship and creativity.