Information Technology program

1. Overview

1.1 Education outcome

Providing the high-quality human resources for IT industry. The graduates receive basic training in political quality, morality and good health, and receive in-depth training in Information Technology, especially in developing, analyzing and operating an IT system in order to support the operational and managerial activities in many social and economic organizations.

1.2 Career opportunities

Student after graduated from Information technology program are capable for these positions:

      1. IT consultants in designing, developing and managing projects about IT applications about Geometry Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing and Environment Information systems (ENVIS).
      2. IT consultants in managing, monitoring and investing about IT projects.
      3. IT consultants in mining data about business for quantitative analysis.
      4. IT developers in social network communication and Web and mobile development.

1.3 Viewpoint of education program construction

The education program are designed to ensure the coverage and the depth in IT knowledge, which give students opportunities of developing technical skills and soft skills that eligible for business requirements and academic researching. The coverage of knowledge is the main focus in designing education program.

The education program are referenced from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and IEEE Computer Society about Information Technology training program.


Figure 1: Information technology training program description

Figure 1 describes an overview about Information Technology (IT). The fundamental of IT includes computer programming, network and communication, Human-computer interaction, database, and web building. Below the fundamental are IT applications includes Information assurance and management and IT applications such as: web application, mobile application and GIS applications.


1.4 Undergraduate Training program

       -   Type of training: Full-time.

       -   Duration: 4 years (8 semesters).

       -   Qualification: Bachelor of Information Technology.


2. University entrance

-      Option 1: Passed the National University Entrance Exam.

-      Option 2 - Directly admission: candidates with Gold medal, Silver medal, and Bronze medal from National Teams for the Gifted or Olympic Teams about Information Technology.


3. Education Policies

The Education policies followed the Education and Training Policies of the University of Information Technology for the undergraduate level, Assessment No 118/QĐ-ĐHCNTT-ĐTĐH in 05, Sep 2015.