Data science program overview

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1. Overview

1.1 Education outcomes

Providing high quality human resources with strong professional skills and excellent knowledge in Data science. Undegraduates receive in-depth training with IT and Data science, good health and morality to work and research in data science and artificial intelligent.

1.2 Career opportunities

Student after graduated from Data science program are capable for these positions:

  • Data analyst or data statistic. Be able to analyze, synthesize, and building forecast model based on data.
  • Data engineering. Be able to build software for analyzing data, building distributed data system, making query and extracting information from data.
  • Researcher in data science. Be able to work and operate with big data, select optimization data model, and conduct quantitative analysis in business and stock.
  • Be able to work as lecturer or researcher at academic organizations.

1.3 Viewpoints of educational program.

Educating high quality student with strong IT-skills and research skills in data science: collecting data, cleaning data , classifying data, analyzing data,  making statistical inference, and synthesizing data.

Data science students are able to work and research with data in many fields: science data, economical data, social data, and stock data.

1.4 Education time

- Type of training: Full-time

- Time: 4 years (8 semesters).

- Qualification: Bachelor of Data science.

 2. University entrances

- Option 1: Passed the National University Entrance Exam.

- Option 2: Directly admission: candidates with Gold medal, Silver medal, and Bronze medal from National Teams for the Gifted or Olympic Teams about Information Technology.

3. Education Policies