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Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) has been conducting Brunei International Conference on Engineering and Technology (BICET) biennially. BICET has been a useful forum for UTB academics to interact with researchers in the region and to present their research findings in an international forum. The 4th BICET was held in 2012, while the 5th BICET was held on 2014, and the last, 6th BICET was held on 2016. The 7th BICET is scheduled to be on 12-14 November 2018.


Society nowadays is highly reliant and dependent on smart technology and advancement changes very rapidly to meet up the demand. The rate of development may be different between nations, it is therefore imperative that the exchange of latest outcomes of research endeavours be continuously and regularly facilitated. Constructive dialogues between academics, technologist, engineers and researchers will not only contribute to the transfer, but also drive knowledge to higher levels with richer perspectives.
As a leading technological university, UTB trains individuals with latest hands on skills as well as conducting research activities that align the Sultanate to its development and national interest. In this capacity, UTB is an influential and important institution especially in the areas of Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical, and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering. BICET 2018 will provide an important forum for experts and graduate students from the academia and researchers and engineers from industry to discuss and disseminate their research findings and exchange ideas in order to strengthen future research activities in engineering and technology for the purpose of promoting a knowledge-based society.

Conference Objectives


  • Provide a forum for intra/inter-disciplinary exchange of current research work and findings in Engineering and Technology.
  • Foster collaborative research.
  • Enhance dialogue between practitioners and academics from different academia and industry.
  • Explore opportunities for development and implementation of research findings.
  • Allow wider dissemination of the issues discussed and knowledge exchanged, as such presented papers will be uploaded to the IET and IEEE digital library and will be indexed by Scopus and other Abstract and Indexing (A&I) databases.
  • The conference theme will be Sustainable Development in Engineering and Technology


Conference Topics/Areas/Tracks


  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • A01: Power Systems and Renewable Energy
  • A02: Micro/Nanoelectronic Devices and Integrated Circuits
  • A03: Communications
  • A04: Photonics and Fibre Optics
  • A05: Control and Robotics
  • A06: Industrial Electronics
  • A07: Signal and Multimedia Processing
  • A08: Computers, Networking, Software and Applications
  • A09: Mechatronics
  • A10: Others


  • Civil Engineering
  • B01: Structural Engineering
  • B02: Construction Materials
  • B03: Traffic and Highway Engineering
  • B04: Geotechnical Engineering
  • B05: Construction Management and Green Building
  • B06: Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • B07: Coastal Engineering
  • B08: Others
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • C01: Materials (Science and Engineering)
  • C02: Manufacturing Process (Precision and Allied Processes)
    • C03: Energy
    • C04: Design and Products
    • C05: Biomedical Engineering
    • C06: Others


  • Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
  • D01: Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
    • D02: Advances in enhanced oil recovery
    • D03: Reaction Engineering
    • D04: CFD in Chemical and Bio-chemical Engineering
    • D05: Fluidization Engineering
    • D06: Process Engineering
    • D07: Biofuels and Bioenergy
    • D08: Material Engineering
    • D09: Simulation, Optimization, Planning and Control of Process
    • D10: Nanotechnology
    • D11: Water Treatment
    • D12: Membranes
    • D13: Mathematical Modeling
    • D14: Others



General: Any inter/multi-disciplinary topics that align well with the conference theme will also be considered.